Goals of the exercise: To raise awareness among the participants about the types of violence/bullying that exist and to make them think about the ways in which they can contribute to stop or prevent it.
Age of the participants: 13 years +
Number of participant: any
Duration the exercise: 40 minutes
Materials: choose a set of pictures from internet/magazine/newspaper (you can also print the pictures. Choose pictures that present emotional abuse, neglect, and physical abuse. Post it notes in different colors, markers, flip chart.

Step by step

  1. Introduce the topic of violence/bullying to the participants. What is it? What are the different types/ways of violence? Why do they think people bully? How does this affect the community?
  2. Than, divide the participants in groups in equal number. Groups should not be bigger than 5 people in a group.
  3. Give each group different set/selection of pictures where different types of violence are presented.
  4. Tell them their task is to talk within their group about the types of violence they can see on the picture, and if they can imagine what the person on the picture is facing with. Than together as a group, to think of who and how can help them (ex. Friend, parent, teacher, police, counselor, etc.) and to write that down on a flip chart.
  5. Ask them to present the pictures, the violence they have noticed and the solutions (flip chart) for one or more pictures they have.


  • How did you feel during the activity?
  • Were the pictures, situations on the pictures difficult for you, which ones and why?
  • Do people being bullied/violated need help and support and if yes, why?
  • What do you think are the reasons people bully?
  • What should they/any person do if they are being bullied?
  • Who to ask for help and support?
  • What can we do to help people who bully to change their behavior?

Authorship/adaptation or source: unknown source, adapted by Association PEL

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