Goal of the exercise: To raise awareness among youngsters about the seriousness of the bulling actions, and to make them think how they can solve the problem if they come across this kind of situations
Age of the participants: 13+
Number of participants: any
Duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour
Materials: participants can be creative and use materials from the classroom

Step by step

  1. The task of the participants is to present one bulling situation from their everyday life in school.
  2. Divided in groups, they have to make one short theater play about the bulling situations they face or see and have to solve this problem without taking violent actions in solving the problem.
  3. All the participants are involved in this exercise and they must show the most common bullying situation that’s happening in their schools.
  4. The message from this exercise is to see the situation from the other side and to be observer, but also to be a person who takes actions in these situations. The participants should create the theater play using their creativity and imagination.
  5. Give an opportunity to the other groups to give solutions after each theater play.


  • How did they feel while doing this exercise?
  • How hard it was for you to present such situations?
  • How did you feel while taking action to solve the problem? Was it easy/hard for you to react to the situation?
  • Finish the exercise by having energizer where they will step out of their roles from the theater.

Authorship/adaptation or source: unknown source, adapted by Association PEL

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