Respecting the differences

Goal of the exercise: To show the differences of the other person and to teach the participants to respect them.
Age of the participants: 14-17 years old
Number of participants: 10 and more
Duration of the exercise: 30 minutes
Materials: paper and pen

Step by step

  1. Split the participants in couples.
  2. Every couple has a task to write down few differences from their partner and talk about how the other is reacting on these differences.
  3. Give the participants time as much as they need, since it is important for them to discuss and discover more.
  4. Than all couples present their differences in front of the group and share how they accept the differences and manage them.
  5. The trainers should take actions in showing the meaning of the differences that exist in every part of us, in every part of the world.


  • Do you think differences are important? Why?
  • Do you easily accept differences?
  • Does it matter if your friends are different from you?
  • Are there some differences that can prevent you from being friend with somebody? If yes, which ones and why?

Authorship/adaptation or source: unknown source, adapted by Association PEL

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