Handling conflicts

Goal of the exercise: To show different types of solving problems, different ways of handling with a conflict situation. Through examples of everyday life, the participants should show how they would react in a particular situation and in the same time what the other participants think about that reaction.
Age of the participants: 14-17 years old
Number of the participants: 18
Duration of the exercise: 1 hour
Materials: None

Step by step

  1. Divide the group in 3 smaller groups with 6 members in each group.
  2. Every group will get one paper in which is written the conflict situation.
  3. The groups should make theater according to the conflict situation they got on the paper and then they should present a solution they came up with in the group.
  4. After each theater play, the other two groups are evaluating the solutions and share how they would react if they were in their position.

Type of scenes

  • Bulling
  • Fighting
  • Making jokes in front of the other pupils


  • What do you think about this game?
  • Did you learn something? If yes, what?
  • Was it easier for you to come up with a solution in a group? Why?
  • In a conflict situation, do we usually react as we think we would?

Authorship/adaptation or source: unknown source, adapted by Association PEL

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