Sculpting violence/bullying

Goals of the exercise: Raise awareness among the participants about the issue you want to tackle
Age of the participants: 13+
Number of participant: any
Duration of the exercise: 40 minutes minimum
Materials: open space

Step by step

  1. Divide the participants in groups with people they want to work with (the groups do not have to be the same number) and give them a task to discuss about bullying/violence/discrimination (any topic you want to address) and to create sculptures that will present situations representing the topic (you can tell them to present a certain type of violence or they can choose one).
  2. When all groups are ready, create a space like a stage where all the participants can see it and give them the stage to present the sculptures.
  3. Ask the sculptures to stay for some minutes so all the participants can see them well.


  • After some minutes open a discussion asking the other groups and the presenters about the sculpture: what do you see? Who is the bully in the situation? What is the violence? Is there a solution for the problem? If yes, ask people to change with some of the sculptures or change the look of the sculpture. Let them free if they want to add more people in the sculptures. But also ask them what does the new sculpture present and what is the solution they offer.
  • Ask the participants how they enjoyed the exercise. If it was difficult for them to see the sculptures and react on them?
  • At the end ask them how often do they take the initiative to help people being violated/bullied and how do they help?

Authorship/adaptation or source: unknown source, adapted by Association PEL

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