Tree of expectations

Goals of the exercise: To show participants’ expectations and fears related to the topic – violence against children. To involve them in the process of recognizing what is fear and what is expectation.
Age of the participants: 14-17 years old
Number of participants: 30
Duration of the exercise: 40 minutes
Materials: sheets of paper, pencils, two hammers

Step by step

  1. All participants take two sheets of paper.
  2. On the first one they write the expectations and on the second one they write the fears from the training dedicated to violence and non violence.
  3. When they all finish, they stick the sheets of paper on the two hammers on which is written “expectations” and “ fears”.
  4. When all the sheets of papers are placed on the hammers, start a discussion where all of the participants should share their opinions and feelings regarding the topic.


This exercise can help the trainers to get to know their group better. It is also useful to do it in the beginning of the training because the participants can create a connection between each other by expressing themselves on the given topics.

Examples of feedback

  • Fake harmony
  • Conflict
  • To learn how to pass the conflict situations
  • To be awarded for my good behavior
  • Not to get punishment from the teacher
  • To respect my friends in school
  • Going to school without fear


  • Is the violence against children present in our society?
  • Have you ever been a witness to a violent situation against a child? If yes, how did you feel about it?
  • What can we do to prevent it?

Authorship/adaptation of source: unknown source, adapted by Association PEL

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