Agree or disagree?

Goals of the exercise: To enable participants to examine how they view bullying, challenge their thinking, and encourage discussion.
Age of the participants: 14+
Number of participants: any
Duration of the exercise: 30 minutes
Materials: A rope or anything that could set a limit or a boundary, sample statements list, 2 papers

Step by step

  1. Draw a line on the floor, real or virtual, and place the words AGREE at one end and DISAGREE at the other end.
  2. Read a set of statements out to the group and ask the participants to position themselves on the line depending on whether they agree or disagree with the statement.
  3. Ask participants to volunteer their reasons for their choice; they are allowed to move along the line if they are persuaded by other people’s opinions.
  4. Remind the participants that there are no wrong answers and that respecting the opinions of others is important.

Below are some suggested statements, or you can develop your own to suit your setting or to address particular issues:

  1. Spreading rumors about someone is bullying.
  2. Getting bullied is a natural part of growing up; it’s character building.
  3. Bullying doesn’t happen in my group / school.
  4. Forwarding pictures or texts that upset people is bullying.
  5. Always making fun of someone’s hair is just banter.
  6. It’s their fault for not standing up for themselves.
  7. A diverse participant group is more interesting and better for learning about life than a group where everyone is the same.
  8. There’s no point in participants challenging other participants who frequently use name calling, racist or sexist slurs and/or personal insults.


  • After listening to other people’s opinions, did you change your own? If yes, why?
  • Is it easy for you to change your opinion?
  • Do you think that bullying is something that happens a lot around you? If yes, do you think you can do something to change that?

Authorship/adaptation or source: BullyingFree NZ Week 2018 Activity Pack

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