Goals of the exercise: to raise awareness of gender inequality and its impact on people’s lives.
Age of the participants: from 10 years
Number of participants: 10 to 30 participants
Duration of the exercise: 60 minutes
Materials: a cardboard phone in giant size, A4 sheet with phrases (see below), sticky notes with the symbol: v (right) and sticky notes with the symbol: x (wrong).

Step by step

  1. Stick the cardboard phone to a wall and choose a participant to read aloud the phrase that appears on the phone’s display. If he/she thinks the phrase is correct he/she puts the symbol V, if he/she considers it’s wrong, he/she puts the symbol X. Then the participant explains his/her answer to the others.
  2. Ask the other participants to give their opinion.
  3. Repeat the procedure until everyone has participated.


The phone should be a person’s size.
The whatsapp phrases can be written on a comic book balloon shape.

The phrases

  • Feminism is the opposite of chauvinism.
  • Where are you? I need you to always tell me where you are.
  • Do not arrange anything with your friends; you must be alone with me.
  • I do not like what you wear, you’re too provocative.
  • You must be yourself, do not change for anyone.
  • Gender violence and domestic violence are the same.
  • You decide, no one should decide for you.
  • I have to be a jealous person because it shows my love for the other person.
  • The abuser always has a mental illness.
  • The only person guilty of mistreatment is the person who mistreats.
  • Men and women are the same, they differ only in sex.


  • How do you feel when somebody is telling you what to do?
  • Do you think you should let somebody else make decisions about your life?
  • Is gender violence present in your society?
  • What can we do to prevent it?

Authorship/adaptation or source: Noélia Pereira Rodríguez

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