Confrontation exercise Duplo

Goals of the exercise: to find out how different the ways of communication are, how  differently people listen or react to certain ways of communication
Age of the participants: 10+
Number of participants: 30
Duration of the exercise: 30 minutes
Materials: Duplo chocolate

Step by step

  1. Create two groups.
  2. One group gets a Duplo (or another chocolate bar) per participant, with the order not to give it away or divide it in any way.
  3. The second group gets the task to try and persuade the first group members to give them their Duplo.


Everything is allowed except physical violence, insults and personal verbal abuse.


  • What was your task?
  • Who managed to complete the assignment?
  • What was it like not to achieve anything, even with your best arguments?
  • What was it like to stay hard and unyielding?

Duplos are consumed together!

Authorship/adaptation or source: Tilo Brenner, „Cool bleiben statt zuschlagen“, 2002, revised by B. Sinapius

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