Who has power over me?

Goals of the exercise: To show that we tend to follow what we have learned and that sometimes it is difficult to question these learnings, such as gender stereotypes.
Age of the participants: 13+
Number of participants: 10 to 30
Duration of the exercise: 10 minutes
Materials: none

Step by step

  1. The monitor asks the participants to make a circle and to hold hands.
  2. Then he/she asks them to follow the 4 orders that will be given next and in the same time to repeat what he/she says:
    • Jump in
    • Jump out
    • Jump left
    • Jump right
  3. Next he/she explains that he will give the same orders and people should repeat what he/she says but do the opposite.
  4. The monitor should keep the participants in a circle and promote a debate.


The instructions should be given quickly and without gap between them.


  • If the theme were gender stereotypes, what would this game mean?
  • To what extent do the preconceptions transmitted to us through education and socialization shape our way of looking at men and women?
  • What gender stereotypes do you think affect you the most?
  • Do they have bigger effect on boys or girls?

Authorship/adaptation or source: Youtube. Adapted by: Katerina Matulikova and CooLabora

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