Solidarity race

Goals of the exercise: To promote reflection/To put an accent on the importance of cooperation
Age of the participants: from 12 to 18 years old
Number of participants: 10 to 30
Duration of the exercise: 5 to 10 minutes
Materials: strips of soft paper or toilet paper 1 centimeter wide and 2 meters long

Step by step

  1. Ask the participants to organize themselves into teams of 5 or 6 members and put them side by side like in any race about to begin.
  2. Explain to the teams that they are going to participate in a race in which all the participants, placed side by side, must hold the strip with one hand and that the goal is to reach the end without tearing it.

  3. The monitor gives the starting signal and two teams run simultaneously. The team that finishes first without damaging the tape wins. In order for the race to end at the place where it started, a round-trip route with no more than 50 meters in total must be defined.

  4. If there are several teams there can be several qualifiers.

  5. At the end, the monitor should gather the participants in a circle and promote a debate


  • What do you think this game means?
  • Why did the strip break? (usually this happens)
  • To what extent do you condition your behavior in relation to others in your daily life?

Authorship/adaptation or source: CooLabora

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