Who is the Volunteering Toolbox for?

  • Teachers,
  • youth workers,
  • camp counselors,
  • others working with children and youth in formal and informal context,
  • NGOs and organizations (interested in) working with volunteers.

We would especially like if this tool helped the beginners – young volunteers and other organizers who would like to take action and initiate change, both personal and social.

What does the Toolbox contain?

  • Games, a set of games, complete with steps and recommendations.
  • Checklist, a step-by-step tutorial for running your first game.
  • Handbook containing resources for running a volunteering initiative to combat bullying.

As a part of the project, we also created a Volunteer self-assessment mobile app, to help potential volunteers to take stock of their skills and preconceptions.

Why was it created?

The Volunteering Toolbox is a result of Chance to Change, an international collaboration between four youth organizations across European Union. Our goal is to support young people developing skills to actively participate in their communities life and to promote and protect human rights. More about the project.