5. Evaluation

After completing an activity, there should always a feedback session with the participants, as well as a team review between the facilitators.

Each of the games we’ve prepared for you has a section on participant evaluation – there you will find tips, example questions and other notes you can use.

As for the team review, you should reflect among yourselves on the whole process of the workshop/seminar, including preparation. Ask yourself:

  • What went well? Can we repeat that?
  • What could have been done better? How?
  • What problems did we encounter? How could we avoid them in the future?

Evaluating your activities as a team allows you to learn from mistakes, grow, and plan for the future (yours or your project).


Congratulations! You have completed the Facilitator’s Checklist.

We hope you now feel better prepared for your next workshop/seminar, be it your tenth or your very first.

Are you interested in the concept of volunteering? You might enjoy reading the Volunteering Handbook, which is aimed at groups and social work organizations that create projects working with volunteers.

Otherwise, just dive into our collection of games. You will find more specific tips and implementation notes there.

Good luck with your projects!